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UTM – Delivering Safe & Reliable Training in CQB



In recent times, troops have been involved in an increasing number of dismounted, close combat engagements on the battlefield.  In Iraq and Afghanistan it became typical to engage the enemy in fire-fights at close range

For law-enforcement officers and military personnel, close-range shooting is essential

The issue has always been how to conduct Force-on-Force training efficiently, safely and effectively  in a realistic way to prepare soldiers and police officers for Close Quarter Battle (CQB).  Unfortunately there is a huge capability gap that existing training regimes fail to address:

  • Shooting targets with live rounds teaches marksmanship but fails to instil the stress inoculation which not only makes individuals more effective in combat but helps to prevent casualties.
  • Similarly, using blank rounds and laser-based training systems only gives an unrealistic facsimile of combat.
  • Traditional marking ammunition has inherent flaws which makes training difficult and potentially dangerous.

UTM offers the optimum training  solution for anyone needing to prepare for war-fighting or law enforcement situations involving firearms

Types of Firearms Training

  • Live Ammunition
  • Blank Ammunition
  • Laser-based training systems
  • Paintball
  • Traditional training ammunition

Live Ammunition


  • Utilises the end-users’ actual weapons
  • Realistic weapon function


  • Limited to target shooting
  • Force on Force training impossible
  • Shooting range required
  • Potentially dangerous

Blank Ammunition


  • Utilises the end-users’ actual weapons
  • Realistic weapon function


  • Force on Force training is unrealistic
  • Requires a Blank Firing Attachment (BFA) to be fitted
  • Potentially dangerous
  • Shortens life of weapon life
  • Causes heavy carbon build up in weapon

Force on Force Training

Force on Force is when two or more teams oppose each other shooting marking rounds

It can be objective based, such as building clearance, taking and holding ground or positions against an opposing  force or even scenario based judgemental training

It allows the building of essential combat skills and drills such as ‘reaction to effective enemy fire’, ‘fire and manoeuvre’ and ‘effective implementation of covering fire’ right through to full scale Section, Platoon or Company Attacks

Force on Force training is the most effective tool available for any soldier training for combat operations

Laser Based Training Systems


  • Utilises the end-users’ actual weapons
  • Enables Force on Force training


  • Force on Force training is unrealistic
  • Requires addition of laser detectors onto uniform
  • Requires addition of laser onto weapons



  • Allows close- range Force on Force training


  • Unrealistic weapons
  • Inaccurate fire

Traditional Training Ammunition


  • Utilises the end-users’ actual weapons
  • Allows realistic Force on Force training (until blockages occur)


  • Variations in velocity causes safety concerns
  • Direct hit required for marking
  • Unreliable ammunition – tendency to block the weapon’s barrel resulting in disruption in training
  • High costs

So What is the Ideal Training System

  • Utilises the end-users’ actual weapons
  • Realistic  weapon functions
  • Allows realistic Force on Force training
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Gives marking indication


UTM Conversions and Ammunition comprehensively fulfil all the requirements of CQB training for modern warfare and law enforcement:

  • Utilises the end-users’ actual weapons
  • Realistic  weapon functions
  • Allows realistic Force on Force training
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Gives marking indication

UTM is the first choice in training ammunition for most of the World’s elite units and militaries.  UTM have supplied over 200 million rounds of ammunition to the US Armed Forces so have the world’s most demanding military customer as a reference!

Utilises the end-Users real Weapons

UTM have developed over 160 solutions to suit a wide array of the most popular and deployed weapons in the market today

This is a continuing program with new weapon conversions being regularly added to the range

Includes: M4 / M16; SA80; FAMAS; GPMG;

H&K: G36, 416, 417, USP, MP5, MP7;

FN: SCAR, Minimi, Five seveN,P90;

GLOCK: G17,G19;

SIG SAUER: P226, P320 series, MCX

This allows operators to train with and therefore promote their familiarity and expertise with their normal weapons system complete with preferred optics / ancillaries

Realistic Weapon Function

Only UTM ammunition utilises a dedicated rear primer to cycle the weapon – this feature ensures that the weapon fires, re-cocks and ejects spent casings at a comparable cyclical rate as it would when firing live ammunition. 

This gives the operator  the same feel and realism as firing a live weapon – even when used in full auto.

Enables Realistic Force-on-Force Training

UTM Man Marker Rounds (MMR) allows  2 or more units to engage each other safely in the most realistic combat training possible with 4 marking colours available

Users experience the stress of being shot at whilst trying to close with and engage the enemy and conduct combat operations

Gives commanders the ability to safely test and prove operational techniques and doctrine and develop them if necessary

Marking system allows for detailed ‘after action’ debriefs to identify operational capability gaps


Unlike, traditional marking rounds, projectiles from UTM ammunition are fired at a consistent rate of velocity.  So with UTM there are no ‘hot’ rounds or wayward shots.

Recommended protection requirements are no bare skin, eye protection and 2 layers of loose clothing.

This allows operators to train as they fight: wearing underwear, combat BDU’s, helmet, combat body armour and load carrying system, the only additional requirement is eye and face protection, which can be provided by UTM.

UTM weapon conversions are designed to prevent live rounds being fired accidentally:

  • Rifles have offset (rimfire) firing pin
  • Pistols have ‘live round lock-out’ which prevents a live round being chambered


The use of the dedicated rear primer to cycle the weapon ensures reliable and consistent cycling of the weapon

The design of the projectile in UTM Man Marker Rounds ensures that, no debris such as paint or plastic  gets deposited in the barrel of the weapon

The driving bands on the projectile grip the rifled grooves inside the barrel and keep it clean, preventing stoppages

This allows users to operate their weapons in fully automatic mode without fear of stoppages due to the ammunition causing the weapon to jam or malfunction

This is ably demonstrated by UTM’s ability to offer linked ammunition to be fired by belt-fed machine guns


The driving bands in the UTM Man Marker rounds grip the rifled grooves in the weapon barrel.  This causes the projectile to spin ensuring it travels a greater distance with greater accuracy

Also the  projectiles are propelled by a dedicated front primer.  This ensures the projectiles are fired at a consistent velocity, which in turn contributes to a more accurate grouping of shots

Marking Indication

UTM Man Marker Rounds utilise a unique design in the projectile of wax marking compound encapsulated in a cruciform dome 

When the projectile hits an object deceleration takes place and a captivated ball pushes the wax, by inertia, out of the slots in the dome 

This ensures that even glancing hits mark, unlike a paint projectile which often require a direct hit in order to burst and mark

A range of 4 colours allows clear hit indication between squads and assists in an ‘after-action report’ to show who shot who, even indicating  ‘blue on blue’ incidents

The UTM Range

Man Marker Rounds

Available in 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, 5.56mm, 9mm, 5.7mm, 4.6mm & .38 Special

  • Force-on-Force training – most effective and realistic training for combat
  • Normal weapon function, cyclic rate & recoil – adds realism to the training
  • Projectiles mark at any angle to include glancing hits (no bursting) – gives more accurate hit indication
  • Surpasses “Live Fire” reliability, giving malfunction-free training  even after hundreds of rounds – maximises training time and resources
  • Controlled and consistent velocity – ensures shooting is safe, accurate and realistic
  • Minimal environmental impact with low emissions

Non-Marking Rounds

For use where marking is not desirable such as when training in public buildings

Available in 5.56mm, 9mm & 5.7mm.

  • Realistic Force-on-Force or Force-on-Target training – most effective and realistic training for combat
  • Normal weapon function, cyclic rate & recoil – adds realism to training
  • Non-marking projectiles – versatility where marking not required
  • Surpasses “Live Fire” reliability – maximises training time and resources
  • Minimal environmental impact with low emissions

Target Bullet Rounds

Available in 5.56mm

  • Reliable & accurate short range Lethal CQB target training – alternative to “Live” ammunition (SRTA, CQT, Frangible, Ball)
  • Normal weapon function, cyclic rate & recoil – as realistic as a live round
  • Limited penetrations  (will not penetrate ¾’’ plywood)  – expensive steel ranges and bullet traps not necessary so marksmanship can be practiced at lower cost
  • UTM TBR cartridges will only function when use with the UTM TBR conversion kit – added safety
  • Surpasses “Live Fire” reliability – no stoppages enables maximum training time
  • Minimal environmental impact with low emissions

Loud Battle Field Blanks

Available in 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, 5.56mm & 9mm

  • Normal weapon function, cyclic rate & recoil – training is more realistic
  • No Heat or Flame – added safety
  • No BFA required – adds realism to training
  • Surpasses “Live Fire” reliability  (even on full auto) – no stoppages maximises training time
  • Minimal environmental impact with low emissions

Silent Blank Rounds

 Available in 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm, 5.56mm & 9mm

  • Normal weapon function, cyclic rate & recoil – enables realistic training
  • No BFA required – added realism to training
  • No Heat, Flame or separation distance – completely safe
  • Surpasses “Live Fire” reliability – maximises training time
  • Suitable for classroom use  – accelerates training and saves costs on ranges
  • Minimal environmental impact with  zero gas emissions

Common Objections

“ UTM ammunition is really good so it must be expensive.” – UTM ammunition is around the same cost per round as our competitors and in many cases cheaper.  More importantly, the reliability of UTM ammunition means no discarded rounds due to stoppages.  This also means that training time is maximised and not lost to clean weapons and barrels clogged with paint and plastic

“It hurts, when I’m hit by a UTM round.” – This pain penalty is an added benefit.  It reinforces correct procedure and drills and penalises mistakes that if made in actual combat could result in fatalities.  If the recommended PPE is worn, then the discomfort is minor.  Even so, UTM also produce a Reduced Velocity Round for units blessed with a more delicate constitution


The correct stand-off distances should always be observed:

MMR – 1m for rifles and machine guns, 0.5m for pistols and SMG’s

BBR and LBR – 0.5m all weapons

SBR – no standoff distance required

When individuals are playing enemy in Force on Force Scenarios, the extra protection of the UTM protective suit may be preferred due to the discomfort of repeated hits

  • Lightweight, breathable and functional, made with a cool mesh material.
  • Law Enforcement Suits have easy access to duty belt, weapons, radio and intermediate weapons.
  • Role Player suits included pockets for hidden hands, hidden weapons, tactical folder trainers, etc.
  • The clothing has fully adjustable heavy duty velcro panels to accommodate all size variants.
  • Access slots and retainer straps for integration with hydration systems during extended Role Playing

Rifles / Light Machine Guns

UTM provides conversion kits for a wide range of commonly used rifles and light machine guns

Most UTM Rifle/Light Machine Gun conversion kits consist of a replacement Bolt or unified Bolt/Carrier Assembly

Pistols / Sub-Machine Guns

UTM provides conversion kits for a wide range of commonly used pistols and sub-machine guns

Most UTM Pistol conversion kits consist of a replacement Barrel or Barrel & Slide Assembly

Most UTM Sun-machine gun conversion kits consist of a  barrel liner assembly

Dedicated Training Weapons

These weapon systems require a dedicated training weapon for use with UTM ammunition

AK47 (7.62x39mm) and H&K MP7 (4.6mm)

Portable Training Facility

  • Reconfigurable lightweight walls support a multitude of tactical environments such as ‘4 ways’, ’T-intersections’ or ‘L-shaped’ hallways 
  • Force-on-Force or live fire training, low-light and scenario-based training
  • Highly transportable


UTM Training  Ammunition enables operators to overcome the difficulties of conducting safe CQB training  that is also realistic enough to represent real world scenarios

UTM Training Ammunition allows Troops and Law Enforcement Officers to train in the best possible way for any situation involving ‘live’ firearms

Realistic Force on Force training with UTM ammunition enables users to hone the skills that not only ensure they complete their missions but also keep them alive

UTM ammunition is the only training platform that can do this with the level of realism necessary but in a safe and controlled way