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Kinetic Breaching Tool


Bridges The Gap Between Traditional Mechanical, Shotgun and Explosive Entry Breaching

A New Standard in Breaching Technology

The Kinetic Breaching Tool is a revolutionary new forced entry tool that bridges the gaps between traditional mechanical, ballistic, and explosive entry techniques. Designed from the ground up for breaching, the tool utilises a self contained impact ram that has no projectiles or explosive pressures exiting the tool and is NOT regarded as a firearm.

Power Actuated Forced Entry

The KBT utilises a proprietary blank cartridge to deliver up to 850 ft/lb of kinetic energy through the steel ram. Unlike explosive or ballistic breaching, all of the force is mechanically driven through the ram. This means that no projectile or explosive energy leaves the device except for the force of the ram which is permanently captured in the tool.

Mission Proven Success

Kinetic Breaching Tools are actively deployed with dozens of State, Local and Federal agencies through out North America with outstanding results. The tool continues to be instrumental in dramatically increasing operator safety and operational capability during high risk and rapidly developing situations. The KBT sets a new standard for forced entry equipment.

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