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Glock Maintenance Services


Please be aware Viking Arms are open for business as we are recognised as critical to the delivery of key defence outputs. We are doing everything we can to support our police and military customers during this challenging period.

We are conscious of the fact that your organisation may suffer gaps in staffing due to self-isolation or redeployment of resources, and therefore we would like to extend the services we provide.

One of these services, should the need arise, is that we can conduct any critical scheduled maintenance of your Glock pistols . This would be as per the recommended inspection and maintenance protocols that we teach on the Glock Armourers course.

Rest assured any maintenance would only be carried out by qualified, current, Glock qualified Armourers. If it is deemed necessary on inspection, any spares consumed would be from Viking stock, and billed as per normal spares ordering. The pistols could be collected and returned to your location.